About us

The Foundation was established in March 2013, at the initiative of Caroline Bierbaum LeFrak, who, due to her Polish roots, is deeply interested in the situation of athletics in Poland. Coming back to Poland – the country of her grandfathers – Caroline wants to actively participate in the development of this sports discipline among children and young people.


The Foundation, in close co-operation with the Polish Athletics Union, has created two programmes:

  1. Programme of supporting sports athletics classes for children in the years 2013-2014
  2. Programme of equalizing opportunities for young athletes in the years 2013-2016

Aims of the Foundation:

  • to propagate, initiate and support actions aimed at the promotion of sports, especially athletics
  • to support and promote extensive sports development in the society, especially among children and young people
  • to promote and support modern training systems in the field of athletics, to increase the number of athletics instructors in schools
  • to financially secure the training process of young athletes preparing for the Olympic Games in 2016
  • to support actions aimed at equalizing opportunities for the development of children and young people in sports, to increase the number of children and young people practicing athletics
  • to support and promote the construction and development of infrastructure crucial for practicing sports, especially athletics
  • to fight against the phenomenon of doping in sports
  • to propagate the idea of fair play among children and young people in sports and out-of-sports competitions
  • to promote and support actions for the integration of handicapped sportspersons in the society